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Legal & Accounting


There are times when you need an accurate appraisal of a property for legal or accounting purposes. Burgess, Cawley, Sullivan and Associates (BCS) works regularly works with lawyers and accountants to complete their professional teams. Examples of this include:

  • Family Law Division of Assets
  • Contract Law Liability Valuation
  • Real Estate Revaluation for IFRS purposes such as ‘Mark to Market’ accounting
  • Lending and contract law

We value properties using cash flow, similar sales and replacement cost analysis. This assures you of an accurate and well-reasoned appraisal specifically designed to stand up to the most rigid accounting or legal scrutiny.

Our reputation in British Columbia, one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world, ensures that your client receives a professional, well researched, and clear rational for the values provided in any report.

Consulting / Expert Testimony

There are times when you need specific advice to bolster your professional efforts. Our senior professionals are experienced in matters including:

  • Providing expert back ground for trial preparation (Both Civil and Tax)
  • Expert Testimony in BC Supreme Court
  • Detailed background for notes to financial statements

When it comes to legal and accounting, we provide access to our most senior real estate advisors. Our credibility is unmatched when testifying and developing reports for use in BC Supreme court.


As British Columbia’s leaders in property tax management, we work carefully with the legal profession in developing and executing the complexities of those rare circumstances where property tax appeals go to court. Our in-depth knowledge of valuation, legislation, case law and property classification make us an invaluable asset in these circumstances.

When there is no conflict, we will act on behalf of municipal authorities as we understand both the municipal and property owner’s perspective of the tax appeal process. This, and our unmatched expertise in the field of property tax management, make BCS a valuable part of your professional team.

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