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Institutional Investors

BCS Real Estate offers a broad array of services to real-estate investors. Whether you are looking at acquiring, managing, annual reporting for Securities Commission (IFRS), or disposing of property, BCS Real Estate is an integral part of your investment team.


When looking to acquire, value or dispose of real estate, accurate appraisal is essential to making wise investment decisions. We look at Cost, Income Direct Comparison approaches to ensure that your appraisal is accurate and current.

Real Estate markets change rapidly and as British Columbia’s leader in appraisal we are aware of the trends and variance within the market. This ensures we provide the best reasoned and most complete appraisal reports in BC. Our in-depth reports, including cash flow analysis using the Argus software tool, allow financial analysis including internal rate of return calculations.


Our knowledge of British Columbia’s Real Estate market is unmatched. If you want to make British Columbia an integral part of your Real Estate portfolio, then our consulting services are ideal for you. We look at thousands of properties every year. As a result, we are acutely aware of the potential for property and cash flow appreciation. We use our knowledge to provide you the information you need to identify great opportunities ahead of your competition.

We work with our clients to help develop acquisition and disposition strategies designed to improve both profit and stability.


Gross return is important; net return is essential. Sometimes, it is difficult to know if your property taxes assessment and property tax bill is fair. Here are the steps we take in order to ensure fairness in property taxation.

The Pre Roll Assessment:

We investigate your situation and provide you an opinion of the fairness of your assessment. If the assessment seems high, we present a logical and reasoned case on your behalf to the appropriate assessment authorities. We often save you money before you get your property tax bill by addressing assessment issues early.

January Review:

Each January, BCS Real Estate reviews thousands of files. We look for excessive increases or misclassification of properties. Since we can compare like properties, we spot variances that increase your tax burden. We negotiate with the assessment authorities in order to reduce your tax liability. We also represent you in assessment appeals where we are able to make a compelling case to the assessment authorities.

Assessment Appeal:

When negotiations fail, and we feel there is a compelling case, we facilitate the Assessment Appeal Process. We prepare a statement of issues, evidence and analysis to the assessor. If necessary, we present the same information to the Assessment Appeal Board. Although there are no guarantees, we know where the opportunities lie and how best to advise you at every step of the process. We develop and execute property tax strategies for your entire real estate portfolio. This gives you the peace of mind you need to ensure your property tax obligation is managed on your behalf.

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