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Successful developers have strong development plans. At Burgess Cawley Sullivan and Associates (BCS), we are an invaluable source for developments of all kinds. From advisory services, appraisal and tax planning, we can help you finance, design, evaluate and tax plan your development from start to finish. Here are some of the ways that we help.


When purchasing a property for development purposes, it is essential that the base value of the property is understood, before embarking on the project. At BCS, we understand the current market conditions and local zoning regulations. This allows us to provide you with an un-biased ‘Best Use’ evaluation of any potential development or re-development.

Our in-depth knowledge of zoning and development regulations, ensure that the underlying assumptions that lead to the ultimate valuation are sound and accurate. Our reports clearly state our assumptions, allowing you to look at alternatives should you determine if a ‘variance request’ is in order.


At BCS, we have the most current data and knowledge of our local market. This includes, who is buying, previous offers and how the buyer approaches the purchase. We use this knowledge and our experience to provide you with a competitive edge during each stage of the development process.

Our client base includes a high percentage of other developers, allowing us to follow today’s dynamic market in real time. We share knowledge on how best to maximize your return based upon existing and likely future demand, product type, size, amenities to offer and other such considerations providing a marketing “check” for your team.

Our knowledge of costs to develop and the use of Argus developer software provides you a detailed check against your pro forma assumptions. Argus is a renowned software suite that allows us to model cash flow, risk and IRR factors for your development. This is valuable for both business planning and project financing.

Tax Services

Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on income tax planning. This investment saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Property tax planning, especially during the course of property development can also save you money.

By examining such factors as property assessment and changes in classification during the rezoning and construction process we make sure the authorities apply the right assumptions when calculating your property taxes. We also look for property tax exemptions, especially when parts of your project include non-profit or non-market housing components.

When it comes to property tax management, during the development and re-development process, timing truly is everything. A building demolished before, or after November 1st, can have a substantial impact on the property tax cost. We can develop an entire tax strategy from the start to completion of your development project, be it industrial, commercial, residential or mixed use.

Ask us about our comprehensive developer property tax planning program. By being involved early in the process we work with you to develop tax strategies designed to save you thousands of dollars.

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