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July, 2019 Vancouver's 'boldest' plan for property tax surges killing local businesses
May, 2019 How Vancouver can deliver on both workspace and housing downtown
May, 2019 Taxes, policies have cost homeowners billions
May, 2019 Downturn in Metro Vancouver market means billions in paper losses for homeowners: report
May, 2019 Expensive air — New B.C. taxes will apply to airspace above some mom-and-pop businesses
April, 2019 Vancouver council approves 2% tax shift from businesses to homeowners
April, 2019 Vancouver council votes to shift some property tax burden from businesses to residences
April, 2019 Vancouver staff: Don't shift property taxes from business owners to homeowners
February, 2019 Tax hike puts Vancouver store out of business
January, 2019 Will 2019 bring property tax relief for Vancouver's small businesses?
January, 2019 Small business feels crunch after increase in land values
January, 2019 Sample of Metro Vancouver assessments show falling values among the priciest homes
December, 2018 Property taxes squeezing upper- and lower-end real estate in BC
October, 2018 $200,000 property tax bill the last straw for 50-year-old paint store on Vancouver’s west side
June, 2018 Gordon Clark: NDP's cynical new housing taxes don't help with affordability
June, 2018 Government regulations adding to real estate market costs
May, 2018 City of Vancouver eyes CAC potential of office strata
May, 2018 Government fees and taxes account for 26% of Vancouver home price: study
May, 2018 Government is a major contributor to higher Metro house prices
May, 2018 Taxes, fees make up 26% of new Vancouver condo cost
May, 2018 Vancouver homeowners paying too much school tax, says expert
March, 2018 BC housing non-profits granted reprieve from last-minute property-tax increases
February, 2018 UBC Board of Governors elects Michael Korenberg as new chair, Sandra Cawley, new vice-chair
December, 2017 BC Assessment warns 67,000 homeowners of big increases
December, 2017 Robson Street store closing after 93 per cent property tax increase
May, 2017 Flexible and astute experts kept Downtown office market a sea of calm
April, 2017 Shifting tax burden from businesses to residents not likely to garner support
April, 2017 Vancouver's independent businesses struggle, entangled in 'triple-net' leases
February, 2017 Province considers help for Vancouver businesses hit by huge spike in property values
January, 2017 Metro residential prices rise, affordability declines as demand outstrips supply
January, 2017 Assessing options
January, 2017 Soaring land values in Vancouver spark a ‘property tax revolt’
January, 2017 To appeal or not to appeal? Expert advice for dealing with your new property assessment
January, 2017 Property tax relief for long-suffering small businesses in 2017
June, 2016 Smaller businesses driving 'condo office' market to curb high leasing costs
June, 2016 Grandview-Woodland Community Plan
May, 2016 Demand could spur all-condo office tower
February, 2016 First Nations sign letter of intent to buy province’s Jericho lands
February, 2016 Tax ruling helps a big developer – and maybe a lot of small businesses, too
January, 2016 Small businesses brace for property assessment fallout
January, 2016 Appeal options help B.C. homeowners who have rising property assessments
November, 2015 Industrial property assessments set for steep rise
November, 2015 A brutal tax hit darkens the outlook for Vancouver small businesses
October, 2015 Developers dig in to get a break from the taxman
March, 2015 West Kitsilano praying for options on its cultural spaces
November, 2014 Tax rulings could blow hole in city budgets
November, 2014 Mega-bucks of Vancouver revenue at risk in assessment dispute
October, 2014 BC Assessment denies Vancouver businesses a tax break they thought they had won
October, 2014 Huge tax hike looms for West Side businesses; province open to providing relief
October, 2014 BC Assessments expected to appeal tax ruling
September, 2014 Anatomy of a deal: the sale of Vancouver's Olympic Village
September, 2014 Vancouver's low tax rates hold a dark side
September, 2014 Tax precedent for a big developer will save megabucks for some small Vancouver businesses
August, 2014 How an apartment building is assessed and how to challenge the assessed value
July, 2014 Civic incentives prompt developers to go bigger, faster
May, 2014 Property values would take a hit if trains return to the Arbutus corridor
May, 2014 Civic incentives pushing office towers higher
March, 2014 Vancouver office buildings share there storied past with a dynamic present
January, 2014 City office development incentives questioned
October, 2013 Passion for tax policy stems from passion for fairness
September, 2013 Fair Tax group changes leaders, tactics
September, 2013 BC municipalities determined to avoid new taxes
August, 2013 Are you paying too much in taxes?
August, 2013 PWGSC Champions Real Estate Co-op Program
June, 2013 Property bills not going down with tax rates
May, 2013 Community Amenity Contributions
March, 2013 BC ponders business tax benchmarks
March, 2013 Council rubber-stamps a lame response to tax unfairness
February, 2013 Consistent variation
February, 2013 Little-noticed tax change will hit some hard
January, 2013 Property assessments harbour mixed news for owners
January, 2013 Property tax bite will be savage
October, 2012 Fairness is, apparently, no reason for council to act
September, 2012 Skewed assessment undermines tax break
September, 2012 Vancouver's Olympic Village finally strikes gold
August, 2012 Retail hits REIT radar
July, 2012 Property Taxes - Your Biggest Real Estate Expense
July, 2012 Metro Vancouver retail assets prove to be hot buys while secondary markets attract investor interest
June, 2012 Tax burden borne by neighbourhood businesses
June, 2012 Greens could be turned into gold
May, 2012 Taxing Worries
March, 2012 Parking tax blamed for downtown properties' massive value drop
March, 2012 Is China really buying up Metro Vancouver?
March, 2012 Council is finally pursuing solutions to property tax woes
February, 2012 Averaging property taxes shifts burdens
January, 2012 Peter Mitham – Shift shifted
November, 2011 Property tax system needs overhaul
November, 2011 Taxing Occupy protest hits a nerve with readers
October, 2011 Business growth stalls in Vancouver while suburbs flourish
August, 2011 Paul Sullivan Elected Chair of CPTA (BC Chapter)
July, 2011 Property Tax: 2012 Pre-Roll Consulting
June, 2011 Vancouver spurns tax solution pioneered by Richmond
June, 2011 Congratulations! Paul Sullivan Awarded the 2011 BOMA President's Award
May, 2011 Improperty Tax
April, 2011 Sandra Cawley Named One of B.C.'s 20 Most Influential People in Residential Construction
April, 2011 Tax shifts try but fail to ease the burden on businesses
April, 2011 Vancouver set to wrestle with business-residential tax burdens
April, 2011 Another city tax shift warranted, but it is not a long-term solution
April, 2011 Oh Brave New World...
January, 2011 Homework vital for property assessment appeals
January, 2011 Assessments put property affordability in the spotlight
January, 2011 A prize-worthy first
December, 2010 City accused of taking excessive profit on Cambie developments
December, 2010 Assessment Act regulation change equals more affordability
December, 2010 Affordable housing advocates call for increased residential property taxes
December, 2010 Real Estate Roundup - Improving affordability in Vancouver
November, 2010 Surprise and Shock: Report from the Legislative & Public Affairs Committee
August, 2010 Sandra Cawley Makes Her Case
August, 2010 Government-imposed costs are just the tip of the iceberg in home ownership
August, 2010 Real estate speculators, immigrants and crooks: Are they just scapegoats?
June, 2010 If Cambie Street grows as hoped, City of Vancouver will lose big bucks
June, 2010 Fair collection toward equity and accountability
April, 2010 City shifts 5.6 million dollars in taxes from business to homeowners
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