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Please see the sections below for recent news items involving Burgess, Cawley, Sullivan & Associates Ltd., as well as the most recent current events shaping local real estate. A snapshot of the provincial economy is also included, providing a context for the real estate market in which we specialize.
Economic Overview
This includes information relating to unemployment levels, housing starts, tourism growth, and other economic indicators. more
Current Events
Here are artlcles from newspapers & brokers regarding current events shaping the city and province. more
Apart from the Appraisal Institute of Canada, the Principals and Associates at Burgess, Cawley, Sullivan and Associates are members of a variety of industry-related groups. more
In The News...
Please read this section for some of the exciting new developments at Burgess, Cawley, Sullivan & Associates Ltd. more
Burgess, Cawley, Sullivan & Associates Ltd. is proud of the relationships it has built with innovative and talented firms in the industry. Read what our peers have to say about us.
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